Hello everyone! I wanted to write another post announcing the winner of our Raffle at Boston FIG.

Congratulations to Jessica Herring! She will be receiving a copy of the next Beta version of Zombie Football in November.

I also wanted to point folks to an article about FIG featuring our game!

And here are some Photos from the festival:

What an Incredible Festival!

Hello everyone and a huge Thank You to all those who stopped by our table at the Boston Festival of Indie Games this weekend! We all had a blast showing people our launch title, Zombie Football, and we were ecstatic to see that people really liked playing the game It’s one thing to play the game ourselves and think it’s fun, but another entirely to show it to the public and see that you like it as well. We all feel extra motivated to get this game into the best possible shape before we launch it and your feedback this weekend will help us tremendously.

There are a number of people without whom this weekend would not have been such a success.  Thanks to Shay Burleigh for providing us with a great logo for Zombie Football that drew people to our table all day and for our great Zombie Cheerleader which everyone loved. Also Andrew Sagel, for providing the Thinkwell logo and the artwork for most of the cards in the prototype. We also shot a bunch of video thanks to Matt Lundin, which we plan to use in a future blog post and eventually on our Kickstarter video. We’d also like to thank all of the incredible volunteers, producers, and curators of Boston FIG, especially Aerjen Tamminga who pushed us to submit and made us feel like someone was rooting for us before we even got to MIT on Saturday. Thank you all so much.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our contest winner from Saturday who will be receiving a free Beta version of Zombie Football. We will also be posting to this Blog more regularly now that we have a complete website, so stay tuned for videos, pictures, and gameplay in the coming weeks and months leading to our March 2014 launch window for Zombie Football. Also keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook pages for more frequent updates.

- Evan


Hello Internet! Welcome to our newly launched Website. Just in time for the Boston Festival of Indie Games, check out the “Events” Page for details about the festival. Also check out the “About” page for the story of how we got here and who we are. “Games” has a little bit about each of the games we are currently developing. This Home page will be the Thinkwell Games blog. We will post updates on our games here as well as Facebook and Twitter.

We hope to see you at BostonFIG this Saturday!


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